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I have purchased items from this website many times in the past for events including my wedding and birthday party. This time it was for my baby shower.

First of all I ordered personalized ribbon from them and the ink that was used on the writing was patchy and on some of the letters you could not make out the whole letter. Terrible product! They did send out a new set of ribbons with the SAME problem! I will try and post a picture.

I also ordered "fillable bottles" to fill with candy for favors. They were described as 7/8" in diameter. When I got them they had an opening of 3/16", smaller than a pencil eraser and would not fit mints, jelly beans, nuts, or basically any candy. When I contacted the customer service department via web chat, their ONLY form of communication as no phone number is listed or will be given out so customers are forced to communicate through web chat to resolve problems, I spoke with Sabrina who claimed to be the supervisor. She was extremely rude, told me I would be charged a 20% restocking fee and would have to pay for shipping back to them if I returned the product.

Mind you this is over a product I paid $16.10 for. They are that ridiculous, that they won't refund my money and cover the shipping back to them for their error in description!?

Legally speaking if a company does not provide what was described they must refund your money and cover the shipping back to them. These bottles did not have a 7/8" diameter as described, and were basically not fillable as described (using an industry standard: if an item is advertised as a fillable favor it is assumed the customer would want to fill the favor with mints, jelly beans, nuts etc. The only thing that would basically fit in this tiny hole is liquid, not what anyone would use to fill a favor, therefore the favor is NOT FILLABLE). Yet they refused to refund the full price!

Not only that but Sabrina was extremely rude to me over web chat stating I assumed things, and it was my fault and refusing to help me.

DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY! They will not help you resolve any problems you may encounter with them! Who wants to chat over web chat to resolve issues anyway, why don't they have a phone number to call?? And this is a California based company, I would expect more from them!

Monetary Loss: $16.

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