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SUBMITTED THE FOLLOWING COMPLAINT TO BBB: Received shipment of personalized favor boxes and printing was very poor. Contacted vendor to advise, they requested photos.

After three attempts, vendor acknowledged printing was bad and accorded in replacing shipment with no need to return first one. Received second shipment on 2/16/11 and immediately noticed these boxes were damaged as well. Contacted vendor and again had to send photos. After emailing photos of these damaged boxes,several hours & online chats, vendor agreed boxes were damaged.

However, in order to provide a refund, they requested I ship back first and second shipment of boxes. I explained to them that since they advised me not to return first shipment, I had already disposed of these in anticipation of the new shipment. After several attempts to inquire as to why they would not replace and obvious damaged product, they kept insisting that I either return both shipments or they could do nothing. I advised I would be contacting BBB.

They said I could contact who ever, ended online chat and have now blocked my server, preventing me from further communicating with them. I would have returned first shipment had they requested so and sent me a return label as I was not going to incur costs of shipping, but they said "no need to return". They list no other contact info on their site. Now all I have to show for the money I paid is damaged boxes that are unusable.

Due to the lack of response, have to incur astronomical rush charges with another vendor. Resolution Sought: Refund $63. Problem Started: 2/10/ of Transaction: 2/4/ in Dispute: $63.75 Invoice Number: 547979Complaint Type: Product Issues Product or Service: worst service. They will not provide phone number to submit complaints.

They also list the BBB Reliability Program logo on their FAQ page. However, they are not affiliated or a member of the BBB. This false advertisement and certainly deceives consumers.

From a brief internet search, there are countless complaints against this company and the other company names they conduct business through. Wish I would have seen these prior to transacting with this company.

Monetary Loss: $81.

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I ordered twice from eFavormart and got my customized items in no time at all. very satisfied customer, DEFINITELY could not have found personalized match boxes and napkins for under $50 anywhere else! thanks eFAvormart!


I ordered my chair sashes and overlays, and they are very good quality. Instead of renting i decided to buy and saved alot of money!

the lady that is decorating my wedding even knocked off alot of money since i will be selling them to her after the wedding! I will honestly say I was worried, so i ordered samples 1st.

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